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The 12 Most Powerful Characters In The DC.

The PresenceDC Real Name:Yahweh Publisher:DC The Presence is DC'Superme being.He created the DC Multiverse.He is also known as the "boss" and the creator of the angels and every being in DC Universe.He is all-powerful as he is the origin of everything and anything in DCU.Only The Great Evil Beast is able to threat him. 07/01/2018 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. 30/01/2017 · Seldom shown in any comics, The Presence is often spoken about and referred to rather than being depicted in any form. The Presence has undergone many different forms and known by many different names in the DC Universe, including Yahweh, The Voice, The Hand, The Source, The Presence and, oddly enough, Wally. Check out the Marvel list here.

Reflections of a Greater Cosmic Symmetry The Presence of the DC Universe, in one of his many guises having an introspective moment. I mention both Supreme Beings, the Presence DC and the One-Above-All Marvel in the epic: Hypothetical Battles. The Presence is the God of the DC Universe; he created all reality. He is also the most powerful being in the Multiverse and beyond. There are several lesser beings in the DC universe that possess god-like powers, through energy manipulation, magic ability, or technological advancement. Is the Presence really Omnipotent. YES. heres why. proving that The Presence is just as in a high level of superiority as the Primal-Monitor is to the rest of the DC Universe. proving that The Presence is not in any way affected by the "Story Paradox" that people have been talking about. Heaven is an eternal realm that exists outside the Multiverse, it's the home of the Angels that, alongside the Spectre, serve and enforce the will of the Omnipotent Presence. Heaven is an eternal realm that exists outside the Multiverse, it's the home of the Angels that, alongside the Spectre.

The One Above AllMarvel is stronger than The PresenceD.C.. The thing which people don't know about The Presence is that, he is not Omnipotent. He himself stated that there are forces above him which have shaped him like he's now:- Now, it is p. The Monitors are a multiversal race charged with the protection of the Multiverse. During the first multiverse, there were only two, the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, who oversaw the multiverse and the anti-matter universe respectively. Both were killed during the events of Crisis on Infinite.

The Presence isn't 1 in DCU. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. didnt Animal Man appear in 52 or something is 52 a vertigo or a DC book. the universe are linked. La Presencia The Presence en inglés es un personaje ficticio, una deidad que representa al Dios Abrahámico dentro de las publicaciones y medios relacionados a DC Comics. The Presence created 3 angels called Samael, Gabriel and Michael. Samael, Gabriel and Michael created Silver City. Samael, Gabriel and Michael created the Creation and Source. Source created every living being that exist in the Multiverse includin. The one above all is the orginal creator of everything i mean too the dcu and marvel universe he createded the presence to make the dc universe so the one above all didint use soo much power to make the dc universe if he woud if i did Soo the dc universe calls the one above all the-overmonitor sooo marvel wins this battle.

That would explain why the Spectre loses so much. I never cared for the Presence. And yet again, I have a reference that may or may not count, so I can't use it. But I'm pretty sure DC has a Judeo-Christian God. If not, then yeah, The One Above All would sweep. Most definitely not. The Presence The Presence Character - Comic Vine is far stronger$1.Dr. Manhattan Jonathan Osterman Watchmen might be powerful. But his powers are limited by the laws of science. He cannot create matter from nothing. Or. The Presence is apparently the counterpart in the DC Universe to the One-Above-All. In the "retconed" story in which Cosmic Ghost Rider accompanied the Fantastic Four and met the One-Above-All, the One-Above-All stated that the Rider wasn't one of his creations and denied him entrance to his room. In the DC Rebirth relaunch, Monitor is found alive inside the central cave of the newly-discovered Dark Multiverse. Monitor's history is revealed where he and his brothers Anti-Monitor and World Forger were created by a Super Celestial named Perpetua in the Sixth Dimension where she tasked them to monitor their assigned realms.

Heaven DC Database Fandom.

Is the Presence really Omnipotent? Yes, Heres.

Wrath of the Presence is a Celestial power that becomes available at Level 22. Contents[show] Description Bombard nearby enemies with an explosion of divine energy, dealing damage and knocking them down. Power Interactions: Purified enemies take. The destruction of Urgrund was said to have also unleashed the "Godwave" upon the universe, a wave of energy that created the terrestrial gods in 1980's Post-Crisis DC Universe. The Presence, also known as 'the Voice', is the omnipresent deity of Judeo-Christian mythology. He is the Creator of the universe.

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